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Running Electronics, ISO:9001 certified manufacturer of high quality AC Metallized Polypropylene motor run/start & Power Factor capacitors, has selected MicroFarads to be their exclusive US agent and distributor.

Types CBB60/61/65 Power Capacitors meet or exceed numerous safety and global standards, including RoHS, UL TUV DIN, VDE class B, GB/73667.1-2005, IEC/EN60252, UL810, VDF560-8, GB18489-2001, GB/T18504-2001, GB/T12747.1-2004, IEC60831-1:1996 and others.

Used in single and three-phase AC motors, applications include air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerator compressors, range hoods, electric fans, dishwashers, water pumps, pressure washers, minitype gasoline generators, lighting, high-frequency power supplies and more. 

Power factor capacitors are offered in single, three and split-phase, including a new patented "Pipeline" configuration allowing greater heat dissipation.

Production capacity exceeds 50,000 units per day, and typically shipment occurs within 5-10 days ARO.

MicroFarads is proud to partner with Running Electronics. Please contact us or send an email to
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Catalog (Overview)
CBB60- Round Epoxy Resin Case
4 terminal
   2 terminal
   2 wire
   Cable Wires
   Cable Wires/Bolt
   3 wires/Dual   

CBB61- Square Plastic Case/Epoxy Sealed
   4 terminal
   2 terminal
   2 wire
   3 wire
   2 wires/terminal
   2 leads 
CBB65- Sealed Aluminum Can
   Round Dual
   Oval Dual

Power Factor
   3-phase Round
   3-phase Rectangular
   Single Phase Rectangular (pipeline*)
   Split Phase Rectangular (pipeline*)

Jumper Wire