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MicroFarads Launches Advanced Hi-Tech Ceramic Capacitor Line MicroFarads Launches Advanced Hi-Tech Ceramic Capacitor Line

MicroFarads has announced the launch of their advanced ceramics MLCC capacitors, including High C-V, Hi-Q, Microwave, RF, low profile, low inductance, and extremely tight tolerance. 

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) June 03, 2014
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MicroFarads, electronic components distributor with a focus on passives, announced the launch of the MicroFarads line of surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). With an emphasis on High CV (1uf>) and Microwave/RF/Hi-Q applications, MicroFarads provides cost savings and substantial delivery improvements to an ever increasing segment in the capacitor market. The company also supplies MLCCs with very tight tolerance (±.02pF), temperature compensation, low inductance, low profile, and high voltage. Offering stock to 4 week delivery in sizes 0201 through 2225, and values from .1pf to 220uf, MicroFarads significantly improves upon the industry standard lead time of 10-14 weeks. MicroFarads is able to help plan, design and budget customer projects, from telecom, medical and aerospace, to automotive, commercial and industrial segments. Product data sheets are available at

With global manufacturers constantly improving volumetric efficiency with expanding C-V combinations, MicroFarads is stocking the latest in High CV values – starting at EIA 0402/10uf. John Viering, MicroFarads Managing Director, states, “Our focus on this specialized portion of the capacitor market enables us to offer more flexibility and lower costs to customers traditionally buying from the large catalog distributors. Ten to fourteen weeks is just too long to wait when parts are needed now.”

All parts are manufactured to strict ISO/Quality standards, and are available with high-reliability tests performed per customer specification. Adds Mike Moran, Product Director, “Advances in technology have been constant and rapid; we are able to offer not only what is listed on our published specs, but also custom specified parts from engineers and project managers. Quite often we can screen existing inventory to meet a pretty tough need, and in just a few days.”

MicroFarads operates in Torrance, CA with millions of parts in their on-site warehouse. From high volume/low value MLCCs to vintage mil-spec relays and other components, MicroFarads makes component buying easy, with their combined 50 years of industry experience and easy to navigate website with ecommerce capabilities.

John Viering, Managing Director

Microfarads: New Online Passive Component Distributor Offers Cost Saving Alternatives
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