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BumbleBees: Not PIO?

Mylar 50's Bumble Bee Capacitors, Not Paper In Oil?????

There is a lot of Myth associated with the Bumble Bee Capacitors and the "magic tone" that they produce. In fact many are not even Paper
in Oil at all, but Mylar film. I have often wondered about this for many years and have now confirmed it at the Dr. Vintage website. I don't want
to mislead anyone into thinking they are getting something they aren't, this is one reason I do not offer the Bees anymore. So be careful of
what you are getting if you buy the old Bumble Bee caps. Mylar was invented in 1945 and the majority of the .022 Bumble Bee and Black
Beauty 160P Capacitors still in circulation are actually made with Mylar film and have No Oil in them at all. The USA made Sprague Vitamin
Q's, Goodall, Gudeman, Aerovox, Astron, and even the Russian K40y-9 and K42 capacitors are in fact a truly Paper in Oil.

Here is how you can tell the difference. On the Bees that are paper in oil there will be a short metal tube on one end that they used to put the
oil in. If the Bee does not have the metal tube then it is Mylar. I see that 80-90% of the Bumble Bees sold on ebay and many forums are
actually Mylar. Also many of the old Bees have drifted and an .022 Bee may actually read .029-.038 far off from Original specs. Check out this
link to the Dr. Vintage website and he confirms this.

Dr. Vintage Electrical Components used by Gibson in the 50's & 60's

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